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About Me

Artist statement - Philip Miller - Order and Uncertainty

My work explores states of order and chaos in varying degrees through the creative properties of clay, in both the unfired and fired states.  The anticipation of seeing each component come out of the kiln, of not knowing what effect the slumping will take, or of how a glazed or saggar fired surface would look, is reflected in the final excitement and visual interest.  The forms are free flowing and dynamic and yet tensions can also be seen – these movements are reflected in the abstract forms. 

Clay has such flexible properties that it allows ideas to be expressed very freely as a three dimensional art form.   I’m interested in these properties and the possibilities of clay, of working with clay to develop aesthetic ideas including shape, surface and colour to show form, movement and passion.  My work is aesthetic rather than narrative and much is abstracted to some extent, which reflects the theme of order and uncertainty.

 I have just completed a BA Honours Degree in Ceramics at Bucks New University as a (very) mature student!  My tutors were Neil Brownsword and Kevin Millward.